My name is Salvador. I love wood, design and travelling, and Mapnetics is the result of it.

Mapnetics Europe

So, what is Mapnetics?

They are luxury wooden maps of the world, metalised so that you can add, remove and replace your travel images using small neodymium magnets, creating a personalised travelogue. I create each map personally and one at a time which makes every map a unique piece of decoration that you can have customised just for yourself. They come with perforations in the corners and are ready to be hung in your wall.

Africa mapneticHow does it work?

Following my design patent, these wall maps are made with two layers of wood, in between which is a treatment that makes the top layer attract  strong magnets.

Can I have a wall map of a country of my choice?

Yes. I can make any map; from continents to countries, from the whole world to your home town, made to measure just for you! You can also order one of my pre-designed maps (Europe, Africa, UK, etc.) in any size from 300×300 mm to 1400×900 mm.


How much does a Mapnetic cost?

The maps are made to order and therefore the cost will depend on size and level of detail of your desired design. You can drop me an e-mail for a free quote, but if you need a reference:

P1120951This map of the city of Oslo costs £365 . This price included personalised design and 10 neodymium magnets. Posting is not included as the cost will vary depending on your location but you can arrange it with any company you trust or I can arrange it for you with no added cost to the official posting price.

What happens if I need more magnets to attach my photos?

Mapnetics work with a very strong type of magnet called ‘Neodymium magnets’. 10 magnets are included with your Mapnetic to get you started, but if you run out they are cheaply available on Amazon and in other specialised shops.

Which size of picture do you recommend I use with my wall map?Mapnetics UK

This depends on the size of the map you get, but printing out business card sized images means you can fit plenty of pictures on.

Where can I attach my photos?

With the exception of the world map (where a special, extra layer is used to make the oceans magnetic), the photographs must be placed on the land.

Will any kind of magnet work on it?

Only neodymium magnets are strong enough for the job.


World MapneticsOrders and Questions

The maps are made to order. Contact me for a free quote or with any questions at mapnetics@gmail.com

Payments are done via Paypal. That way your money is always protected.


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Visit the “News” section to learn more about my latests Mapnetics projects.

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